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They Have Ripped Open Pregnant Women

“For three transgressions of the Ammonites,
    and for four, I will not revoke the punishment,
because they have ripped open pregnant women in Gilead,
    that they might enlarge their border.

Amos 1:13
ripped open pregnant women

Celebration of Life

Yesterday, in church, announcements were made about all the newly expecting couples. After each announcement, the congregation clapped and cheered. It was a beautiful and humbling thing to behold. It was as far away from the disdain toward children our nation has as one can be and I was humbled by it.

Imagine where we might be as a nation if rather than slaughtering our own children in order to “enlarge our borders” and have ease and prosperity in America, we cherished each new gift from God. Is it any wonder we are losing our autonomy over our own bodies? Is it really a surprise that the government thinks that they have the right to force us to take whatever medical interventions they decide are best for us? After all, for well on four decades now, we have told the unborn among us that they have no rights and that we have every right to slaughter them in order to enlarge our borders.

Where is the Outrage?

Where is the outrage for the medical freedoms of children and the unborn? Where are the protests over the unjust policies of the medical profession with regard to children? Where are the grassroots organizations to email, phone, and march on the capitals demanding justice for the unborn? Where are they?

When we aren’t ripping our unborn from their mother’s wombs in order to expand our borders, we are murdering our children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by sending them off to indoctrination camps run by the antichrist state government and/or we are allowing state-run media and entertainment to further rip them of all human dignity.

We have even reached a point where parents are questioning if it’s loving or not to encourage young children to mutilate their own genitalia. God help us. We have become a people that is completely debased.

Where Do We Go, Lord?

Where do we go from here? How do we turn this ship around? We can’t. Only God can do this, but He has given us as believers the means by which He will hear our cries.

  1. Repentance- It is past time that the true believers of God repent. We must repent of complacency in the face of evil. We must repent of our own disdain toward children. We must stop teaching our kids that growing up to make lots of money is the definition of success. We must CHEER AND CELEBRATE when our children long to become mothers and fathers even in their youth! I am about to celebrate 25 years of marriage and while I am grateful for God’s provision of three beatiful children, I regret the years of rebellion we had in seeking our own selfish gain rather than populating the earth with more children. I applaud couples who see it as their highest calling and I long to come alongside them and support them in whatever means I can. Church, WE MUST DO THIS AS WELL.
  2. Obedience- We must start obeying God when it comes to childbirth. We must be fruitful and multiply. We must not only multiply in physical number, we must multiply in spiritual number. This is where I have hope for our future. While it may be too late for me to physically mutliply, it isn’t too late to spiritually multiply. As I continue to invest in my own children and their spiritual growth and education, I’m praying for a revival across our nation with this regard. I’m praying for ministry opportunities whereby I can encourage other young families to home educate, to catechize, and to raise their children in the admonition of the Lord. It’s time for the church of God to get back to evangelism and discipleship of the youth of America like never before.
  3. Evangelism- As I began reforming and coming out of the false teachings of Arminianism and semi Pelagianism (more on that another day), I was thrilled with the robust education within the reformed churches. But, what I’ve felt is lacking over the past decade of reforming is a robust desire for evangelism of the lost and the non-covenant children of the nation. Were it not for those outside my household who took me to church or drove a van or taught me scriptures, I would likely still be among those of the world. I’m very excited to now be part of a reformed church that is both dedicated to the strong education of its members AS WELL AS the training in evangelism and outreach. We are also meeting regularly to pray for, by name, our lost loved ones. It’s such a blessing and an answered prayer.
  4. Pray- I just touched on this, but the American church needs to get back to being a praying church. I don’t mean special “national days of prayer” where we parade around like the pompous super righteous while we hold hands with the false teachers of Judaism and Islam and pretedn the God of the Scripture hears us. I mean regular, oridnary, simple prayer meetings where we gather with a list of names and we pray for them and we don’t stop praying for them until they are converted or we go to be with the Lord.

These are my thoughts this morning as I reflect on the Lord’s day and seek to serve Him this week. Please share your thoughts in the comments or on my Facebook page and if you have any lost loved ones you’d like to share by name or initials, leave them here as well so I can add them to my prayer list.

God bless you! Go be salt and light this week.