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Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Resources

These are the top books I recommend you begin with if you are interested in a gentle approach to your homeschool.

I share in How to Achieve Homeschool Success as well as Homeschool Planning the importance of these books to my homeschool philosophy.

I can’t stress enough how fundamental they were to shaping how I view home education and education in general now.

  • A Delectable Education– I personally know these ladies and owe much of my understanding of the Charlotte Mason Method to them. I highly recommend their podcast, their resources, and their consults. They know their stuff!
  • Sabbath Mood Homeschool– This is also a personal friend, and one of the three ladies behind the A Delectable Education podcast. Nicole, however, is the resident expert in the Science/Nature Study aspect of Charlotte Mason and her resources are invaluable. We utilize all of her Science guides beginning in Form 2 through High School.

Family Life Resources

The single most important book I ever read for my marriage was The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. Every married woman whether you are newly married or have been married for a long time should have this resource at your disposal.

I also highly recommend anything written by Elisabeth Elliot and I’m currently working my way through Mother Culture by Karen Andreola.

More Resources Coming Soon

Christian Living Resources

More Resources Coming Soon

Social Media Resources and Where To Find Me

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Resource Disclaimers

I offer the following disclaimers with regard to these resources.

  1. These resources have been helpful to me in some capacity throughout my life, but my listing them doesn’t mean that I endorse everything the author or source may have ever written or believed. As always, I urge you to be a Berean and take everything you read here or that I recommend back to the Word of God which is the only perfect source of truth that we have in this life.
  2. Some of the resources on this page will lead to sites with which I have an affiliate relationship. This means that I may earn a small commission if you purchase the resource or other resources on their site after clicking my link. It does NOT MEAN, I chose the resource because they paid me to do so. In all instances on this page, the resource is here because I personally found it useful in my life and recommend to you for that purpose. In many instances if I find a resource useful and desire to share it with you, I may seek to see if they offer an affiliate program. Monies I receive on this site via advertising, affiliate sales, and or product creations or recommendation all go to support the continued publication of this blog and the support of my own family, but my opinions are my own.
  3. I reserve the right at any time to remove a resource from this page if I deem it no longer to be in line with my own personal beliefs or theological convictions.
  4. This page will always be growing and changing so I recommend you bookmark the page as well as sign up for our newsletter so you can receive updates to any new resources we add to this site.