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100+ Outdoor Activities For Kids

Are you running out of ideas and inspiration for how to get the kids excited about the outdoors this year? Check out this HUGE list of outdoor activities and nature inspiration for you and the kids. You will run out of time before you ever run out of ideas.

Getting the kids outside can be hard, especially in the winter, but with the proper planning and some great ideas, you can make outdoor time their favorite part of the day.

It doesn’t matter if you take them to the park, set up some outdoor toys or games, or simply take them outside for some nature study in the backyard, making time as often as you can to get the kid’s off the screens and out of doors is always a good idea.

This massive list of ideas and help from other moms committed to getting the kids outside will help keep your outdoor inspiration flowing.

Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden
  2. Create a Mason Jar Bird Feeder
  3. Build a Tire Swing
  4. Make a Sand Box from an old Swimming Pool
  5. Collect Bugs in a Mason Jar
  6. Make a Spring Flower Arrangement
  7. Have an Easter Egg Hunt
  8. Walk near a pond and listen for Spring Peepers
  9. Make Homemade Bubbles
  10. Fly a Kite

20 Summer Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Start a Lemonade Stand
  2. Play Classic Children’s Games Like Mother May I
  3. Have a Family Water Gun Fight
  4. Have a Family Water Balloon Fight
  5. Have a Family Nerf Gun Fight
  6. Build a Homemade Water slide
  7. Play Cornhole
  8. Create a Neighborhood HopScotch Game
  9. Jump rope
  10. Play Marbles
  11. Have a family paper airplane contest
  12. Play Frisbee
  13. Make DIY Sidewalk Chalk
  14. Make DIY Bubbles

20 Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Create A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
  2. Fall Activity Calendars
  3. Make Melted Crayon Leaf Sun Catchers
  4. Jump In A Leaf Pile
  5. Paint Gords and Pumpkins
  6. Go Apple Picking
  7. Make a Thankful Tree with Fall Leaves
  8. Make Stamped Leaf Shirts
  9. Make a Fall Pine Cone Tree
  10. Gather Leaves and Make a Wreath
  11. Visit a Corn Maze
  12. Counting Leaves Printable
  13. Fall Craft Ideas For the Non-Crafty Mom
  14. Make Fall Leaf Placemats

20 Winter Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Build A Snowman
  2. Go Sledding
  3. Have a Snowball Fight
  4. Make Snow Cream
  5. Go Ice Skating
  6. Take A Winter Hike
  7. Go Snowshoeing
  8. Ride A Snowmobile
  9. Read a Winter Nature Book
  10. Make a Rock Collection and Learn About Geodes & Minerals
  11. Study Snowflakes (Check out Snowflake Bentley)
  12. Give Your Kids a Camera & Learn Winter Photography
  13. Make a Frozen Winter Sun Catcher
  14. Have a Winter Bird Study by attracting Birds To Your Backyard

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