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Freedom Loving Communities & Face Friendly Businesses.

If you are seeking face friendly and freedom loving communities to visit and patronize, we created this list of our experiences to help you. Please drop by and share your experiences so we can grow our directory.

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Freedom Comes From God

My values come directly from the Word of God. Many think rebelling against the masking and vaccinating isn’t Christian because “we should submit to government” and, for a short time, I convinced myself and my kids that since wearing a mask wasn’t violating the laws of God, we should comply out of respect for others.

But deep in my heart I KNEW from day 1 that this was just a stepping stone to more and more tyranny.

I was RIGHT.

The mask is merely a way to see how willing we were to give up freedoms and willing we are to comply with their rules to get our freedoms back. These freedoms aren’t just about my entertainment or pleasure, they are about LIFE. As a Christian I must defend LIFE.

I must fight for every person’s RIGHT TO LIVE regardless of their religious beliefs.

They are image bearers of God and as such have a right to LIVE.

Now, that may mean they have a right to comply with the government and believe the lies, it’s true.

But, I too, have a right to call it as I see it and tell my kids NOT to believe the government when the government is lying and has been proven to be a liar.

At that point, when the government is no longer seeking to use the sword for GOOD but for EVIL, It is my conviction that I am not under any Biblical obligation to OBEY them, and in fact, I must disobey them. (NON VIOLENTLY)

As to private businesses, yes, I have to leave your establishment if you refuse me service for not wearing a mask or not getting vaccinated, but I still say it’s a civil liberty violation to do so.

You can’t have it both ways folks. Either we have civil liberties or we don’t. There are PLENTY OF LAWS telling businesses what to do.

In fact, the current argument is that we can’t force a business to provide service to unmasked people, but we CAN FORCE THEM to close if they don’t require a mask???? How is that equal justice under the law? So, here I stand, I can do no other.

You don’t have to agree, that’s ok.

But for those that agree, I wanted to create a resource where you can find businesses and communities that believe in freedom and are “face friendly”.


These are the places we’ve traveled that have no mask mandate or that have businesses that are letting people choose what is right for them.

NOT Face Friendly:

These are the places that have people at the door telling you to put on a mask and/or refusing service if you don’t.


Face Friendly Communities in Tennessee

  • Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN– The Sevierville mask mandate expired on 4-15-2021.
  • Maury County- I have family in Maury County and have so appreciated mayor Andy Ogles throughout the whole pandemic. He understands the constitution and upholds it.
pigeon forge tn

Face Friendly Businesses in Tennessee

  • Margaritaville Island Hotel-The employees were wearing masks, but they were not enforcing it for patrons and no one treated us badly. We were made to feal very welcome and had many people thank us for staying with them. It was a great experience and we will definitely go again.
  • Island Mirror Maze- Super friendly; no problems whatsoever without masks
  • Tennessee Jed’s– We love this place. Loved it before Covid and love it even more now. Don’t stand in line at the Pancake Pantry. Support this locally owned family AND face friendly restaurant located across the street from the Pancake Pantry.
  • 35 Junction Distillary – No problems, friendly service, good food.
  • Timberwood Grill– Very friendly, no problems without the mask, food is good.
  • Holiday Inn Express Spring Hill– Had a great experience here twice during the past year. No mask nazis anywhere.

Not Face Friendly Businesses in Tennessee

  • Frizzles Chicken- Went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg on April 12-13, 2021Stayed on the Island. It was great there. Margaritaville super friendly and no one told us to put on a mask at the hotel. However, avoid Frizzels Chicken. They have a woman at the door with a box of masks. When we explained that we don’t wear then and that we would just go somewhere else, she said, “good”. Since there is no longer a mandate and since most were cool about it. I can only assume Frizzles Chicken would rather not have your business than to honor your freedom. Overall, Pigeon Forge is fairly face friendly.
  • Old Red– In February 2021 Old Red made us wear a mask to the table, where we were seated 2 feet from all the other tables and maskless people were dancing around our tables. It was comical.
  • American Girl Dolls (and entire Cool Springs Galleria)- This place was world’s apart from our experience in Spring Hill, TN. Avoid if you don’t wear a mask. They denied entry to any and all not wearing masks. Kind’ve defeats the purpose of being called “American Girl”.

South Carolina

Face Friendly Communities in South Carolina

  • Horry County– We drove an extra 2 hours out of the way to go to Myrtle Beach (Horry County) because they have not mask mandate. Our experience was much better in Myrtle Beach with the exception of not being allowed to get our own food for breakfast at the Residence Inn as masks and gloves were required to enter the serving area. While the county has lifted the mandate, the city of Myrtle Beach apparently still has a mandate, but our experience was that it wasn’t too heavily enforced. We were only there for 1 day, however.
  • Town of Summerville, SC- Our experience in a business in Summerville was great. Here’s their official ruling as of April 8, 2021: All owners or employers of restaurants, retail stores, salons, barber shops, grocery stores, pharmacies and Town buildings and indoor facilities in the Town must require their employees to wear a face covering at all times while having face to face interaction with the public or other employees. While the general public is not required to wear mask pursuant to this Ordinance, every business entity has the right to require face mask before entry.

Not Face Friendly Communities in South Carolina

“Businesses in the city are responsible for enforcing the emergency order and are subject to penalties. As such, businesses must require all employees to wear a face covering at all times and post a notice in a visible location informing patrons of the face mask policy.”

Face Friendly Businesses in South Carolina

Inlet Provision Company– Great food, great atmosphere, great service, very FACE FRIENDLY!!! Go there when in Murrell’s Inlet or Myrtle Beach Area!

Not Face Friendly Businesses in South Carolina

  • Residence Inn Myrtle Beach- While the staff that checked us in wasn’t wearing a mask (but was wearing a badge alerting us that she had medical exemption) and said nothing to us, the next morning we were denied entry into the food area for not wearing masks AND gloves. I posted this on Facebook about our experience:

“Today’s daily mask nonsense brought to you by Residence Inn Marriott No problem checking in as the employee working had a tag on that said she had a medical exemption, but this morning at breakfast, we were not allowed to serve ourself unless we put on Masks AND Gloves. Despite, being denied entry, the staff were nice and got food for us. It was clear that MOST of them agreed with our position and hate it as much as we we do. Perhaps it is time for them to stand up and say no. Perhaps, it is time for me to find a new hotel chain.”


Our experience in Florida was overall good. We have visited Sanibel, Naples, Orlando, Celebration, and St. Augustine. Here’s our overall experience in each of these.

Face Friendly Communities in Florida

  • St. Augustine– Overall we were fine, but in the historic area it was a mixed bag. Some businesses had signs up saying no entry without a mask while others were more than happy to assist us. The city itself has removed mandates, but businesses are still enforcing it in many places. They are requiring it on public transportation and government buildings per the CDC. For more information about their current guidelines go here.
  • Sanibel– The city of Sanibel is apparently still under a mask mandate until April 27, 2021, but our experience in early March 2021 was that most businesses were have employees wearing masks, but not enforcing it for patrons. No one asked us to put one on with the exception of the occasional hotel employee at the Marriott Harbor Sanibel who felt compelled to treat us like we were contaminated without them.

Non Face Friendly Communities in Florida

  • Orlando– More problems here than in other parts of Florida. More restaurants were requiring it and more people willing to ask us to put them on. Had to leave several restaurants in Orlando before we ended up back at the hotel for sandwiches. Probably why the hotels in Orlando are so cheap right now. There are reports that the mask mandates will remain in effect until at least 50% of the population gets vaccinated.
  • Celebration– I was so excited to finally check out this cute little place, until I found out they didn’t want me. We couldn’t find a single restaurant that wanted to let us in without a temperature check and face mask. They were fining and reporting people at one time apparently, but I think that would violate the Governor’s rules now. We finally lucked up and found an employee who wasn’t obeying the rules and got a seat, but after I saw a different employee come back to the host stand and start shooting the temperature gun at people, I realized we were just lucky. One business even had a very snarky sign up that blew me away. I can’t believe that businesses want to treat the paying customer this way…blows my mind.

Help Us Share Freedom Loving Face Friendly Experiences With Others

This is a work in progress and a directory I will continue to add to as I travel and attempt to live a normal life in the Twilight Zone we all now live in.

Please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or MeWe and please leave comments with your experiences. We want to help each other live freely and regain our God given freedoms by sharing our experiences and standing up for our right to breath. Keep in mind, the masks represent those who will probably also require a vaccine so it’s important to learn where people stand.