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About Amanda C. Bowers

Meet the Family

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Mark. As I mentioned, we recently celebrated 25 years of marriage.

He is an amazing husband, father, and local owner and CEO of Destination Eyecare (Shameless plug, but yes, it’s true…just read all his great reviews.  He’s the real deal!

Mark and Amanda Bowers

At this point, we’ve been through just about everything.

We’ve been through a lot of hard things in our 25+ years, but God has always been faithful and I know He will get us through them.

family is everything

After nearly 11 years of marriage, the Lord began blessing us with these beautiful, challenging, and hilarious three.

They keep us busy, engaged, and in stitches. Children are, no doubt, part of God’s sanctification program, but I am so grateful he chose these three to be on loan to me for this generation.

A Little More About My Hobbies

I’m a small-town girl with itchy feet for adventure and exploration which I satisfy by exploring the beautiful Appalachian mountains in which I reside. I also enjoy extended USA road trips with my family.

We currently reside in upper Northeast Tennessee.  I’ve lived, played, and worked in Tennessee my entire life most of which was spent right here in the Appalachian mountains. 

I spent a few short years in Memphis, TN while attending Pharmacy school and loved it, but our love for the outdoors brought us home to the Appalachian and Smoky Mountains.  

I homeschool with the Charlotte Masonish method which means we read a lot of living books and utilize the outdoors and a lot of our travel time to enhance what we learn. 

Because my children are almost always with me and share my daily life, they know way too much about marketing and blogging, but they help me keep this house humming so that I can write and plan our adventures. They are a blessing and I adore them. 

How, Then, Shall We Live- The Podcast

I’ve recently launched a podcast titled, How, Then, Shall We Live? I’ve borrowed this idea from the well-known book, “How Should We Then Live?” by Frances Schaeffer because the topics both here and on the podcast are derived from my own efforts to discern how to live as a Christian in an increasingly hostile to my faith society.

Having been born and raised in the Bible belt (though not in a Christian home) I’ve been somewhat sheltered from much of the hatred toward God and Christians that we now see increasing. However, I’ve also been surrounded by those who name Christ as Savior with little love in their hearts for His Word or His church which is equally grieving to me.

I hope to address some of those things and come alongside my fellow sisters in Christ as we strive to be, “Contra Mundum”…against the world” not because we love conflict, but because our love of Christ calls us to live according to His Word and that naturally places us in conflict with the worldview of our day.

Topics I anticipate covering on the podcast as well as here on the blog include, but are not limited to:

  • How to live in the 21st century and be faithful to your Christian Biblical Worldview
  • How to Homeschool and raise Kids able to defend their faith in this society
  • How to remain faithful to your marriage vows and stay in love at the same time
  • Why Church is still very important and necessary to your growth as a Christian
  • Whatever else the Lord brings my way….

You can find my podcast episodes here on the blog and you can subscribe on most of the major podcast apps including, Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Castbox.

My Personal Testimony

If you’d like to hear my personal testimony of how Christ saved me, you can listen to episode #3 of the How Shall We Then Live podcast below.

Additional Resources

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